Service route: Zhengzhou to Marseille;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Yao entrusted Xipu International to ship her furniture items from Zhengzhou to Marseille,France by sea.

Marseille is the oldest city in France, the capital of Provence, and the largest seaport in France. For thousands of years goods from the East have been imported from here to the Western world, so the city of Marseille is permeated with a mixed and exotic flavor. Ruggedness and magnificence coexist seamlessly in Marseille, making it a vibrant and multicultural port city and attracting the attention of immigrants from all over the world with its unique charm.


Ms. Yao, who lives in Zhengzhou, was ready to move her entire family to Marseille, France, after getting a French long-term residence visa. As there were many items that needed to be shipped by sea, Ms. Yao searched the internet again and again, comparing three different companies. In the end, based on the comprehensive evaluation of the whole platform, she chose Hippo International Moving.

Ms. Yao's items to be transported by sea were many, including mattresses, tables, chairs and other small items, which added up to about 13 square feet of furniture. Hipu consultant recommended our special group shipment for Ms. Yao, which can save money on shipping more items. On the agreed date, after packing all the furniture and luggage, the masters first transported Ms. Yao's furniture items to Hippo warehouse, and then loaded the container to the port after the collection was completed, which was very economical. The following is the packing site:






France is a typical European-style welfare state, it is rich in social welfare content, variety, high level of protection, the system is complete, the many advantages attracted many nationals to go to France to work, study and live.

Before you go, you must keep abreast of the international moving to France duty-free customs clearance policy:

1.The owner of the goods has stayed abroad for not less than one year;
2.Personal belongings are used abroad for not less than half a year;
3.Moving items must be moved to a French residence within 12 months of logging into France.

If you want to immigrate to France, it is necessary to know the customs policy. Customers holding immigrant visas, green cards or long-term visas issued by the 28 EU member states can bring their personal belongings and personal property that have been owned and used for more than one year in their original place of residence into the country duty-free from the ports of any of the EU member states, and they can be distributed throughout the territory of the EU member states after customs clearance. If you are eligible for duty-free customs clearance, be sure to bring along some more commonly used items.