Service route: Shenzhen to Sydney;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Fan entrusted Hippo International to transport furniture items from his home in Shenzhen to Sydney, Australia by sea.

Sydney belongs to the subtropical humid climate, the average temperature throughout the year changes more moderate, precipitation without significant seasonal changes, can be said to be “four seasons like spring”. The long history of the environment coupled with the pleasant climate makes this place also become a famous tourist city, people who come to Australia never miss the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor and the Harbor Bridge these attractions. In addition, the dynamic economic environment and the huge space for development are suitable for those Chinese immigrants who adapt to the fast-paced life to live and develop here.

Mr. Fan had been working in Shenzhen before, but this time, because of the company's expatriation, he needed to go to Sydney for long-term development, so he was ready to pack his furniture and luggage from his home in Shenzhen to Sydney, so as to save himself from having to buy more in Australia. Because Mr. Fan's belongings are not a lot, mainly shoes, clothes, books, bedding, curtains and some large pieces of furniture, after receiving the list of items, the business specialist and Mr. Fan quickly finalized the moving plan, go to the Xipu internal group transportation, not only to save money, but also to ensure the safety.

The quality of packing is one of the most important aspects in determining the breakage rate of moving items, and the quality of the material and the professionalism of the packer are the two major aspects in determining the quality of packing. Xipu International signed a moving contract with Mr. Fan and provided door-to-door packing service. On the day of the scene, the staff according to the type of goods, value, volume, weight and other factors to choose different packaging materials and packing methods, from small pots and pans to large wooden furniture, each has its own set of exclusive professional packing process. The following is the packing scene on that day:







With the rapid development of economic globalization, many people choose to migrate and settle overseas, and with that comes cross-country moving. So, what should you do when you are moving cross-country for the first time?


Cross-country moving, probably only once in a lifetime for each person, for the moving process, costs and other circumstances are not clear, for what items can be moved directly, which items can not enter the country is also not well understood. Therefore, it is necessary to find a professional and formal moving company to consult and understand, it can be said that the formal moving company has a wealth of experience in service, for the entry of items from various countries to know the restrictions.


The cost of international moving is mainly calculated according to the volume of items: $/cubic meter. After communicating with the customer service personnel of the international moving company, provide the address information where the articles are located, the transportation time, the foreign receiving address/zip code, the approximate details of the articles, the consignee's and consignor's document information and the additional services required, etc., and the staff of the moving company will be able to provide an optimal transportation and moving plan according to the actual situation of the customer, and calculate the price accordingly.


Through in-depth communication and understanding with the international moving company, after confirming that there is no mistake, you can sign the contract of transportation and start cross-country moving. On the moving day, the regular moving company will use all kinds of packing materials to give professional protection to the items to be consigned. Of course, in order to save time and money, shippers can also pack some small odds and ends by themselves in advance, while large and fragile items can be handed over to professional movers.


According to the requirements of the moving company to prepare the appropriate documents, departure declaration and foreign customs clearance will need personal documents. Generally, you need to prepare: passport, visa, list of goods and so on. The information will be slightly different for different destination countries.


The next thing to do is to keep close communication with the international moving company. Of course, now the international moving process has been very mature, as long as you choose a formal and strong company, nothing else will be a problem. The international moving process roughly includes door-to-door packing, departure customs clearance, international shipping, customs clearance at the destination port, sending home, unloading and installation, and you don't need to be involved in the whole process in these processes, most of them are operated by the international moving company.