Service route: Guangzhou to Montreal;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Wei entrusted Hippo International to transport furniture items from his home in Guangzhou to Montreal city in Quebec, Canada by sea.

What kind of city is created when you combine the lively and competent North America with the relaxed and quiet European life? Is it a beautiful village that has transformed over the centuries, or is it a metropolis that combines high technology with a high level of quality of life? Montreal, Canada, known as the "Little Paris of North America," is a charming blend of both! Each distinctive district collects a piece of Montreal's history and culture, making immigrants from all over the world fascinated.


Mr. Wei, who lives in Guangzhou, is ready to move to Montreal, Canada due to the special nature of his work. In addition to the problems of food and language communication, Mr. Wei was also troubled by the problem of accommodation. Originally, he was only considering transporting the necessary work equipment, but then he heard from his Chinese friends that overseas furniture is very expensive and not easy to use, so it would be more cost-effective for him to ship his old domestic furniture together. So Mr. Wei chose to move all of his domestic furniture to Canada. This increased the estimated volume from the original 6 cubic meters to nearly three rooms and a hall of furniture. Xipu recommended him to directly pack a 20GP container for whole container shipping, which is not only fast, but also safe and secure.

After confirming the cooperation and signing the contract of carriage, Mr. Wei made an appointment for door-to-door packing service. The master began to fine-tune the packing of the items. Whether it is some large pieces of furniture, or small pieces of ornaments, books, etc., and even paintings, glasses, etc., can be strictly packed. The following is the packing site:






If we choose to utilize international shipping, in such a process is essential to come into contact with container shipping. Below take you to understand the way to calculate the containerized sea freight.

For the full container freight billing: one method is based on the actual freight tons billing; another method, which is also currently used more common method is, according to the type of container by box freight billing.
In FCL transportation, if the container used for loading goods is owned by the shipping company, then the carrier can charge sea freight according to the "minimum utilization rate of container" and "maximum utilization rate of container".

As for how to choose between FCL and LCL, there is no need to worry! A professional international shipping company will provide you with the most favorable solutions and suggestions according to your shipping needs!