Shanghai old aunt sold the domestic house, shipping the whole house furniture, defected to the son's home in Europe, Ms Jiang years ago, learned that far away in Portugal daughter-in-law pregnant with a second child, just as they live alone in the country is also lonely, why not go directly to Europe to retire. Can also help with the grandchildren, visa and other formalities are completed, then find to Xipu, directly clear the home in Shanghai.
Ms Jiang's home to go, French minimalist style decoration, the master first packaged a white dining table, dining table volume is large, but the good news is that removable, unloaded table legs, first wrapped in pearl cotton a few rounds, and then put into the desktop grooves, together with pearl cotton and cardboard wrapped, so that not only safety, but also to save volume for the customer.
French glass cabinet, an appearance on the temperament is extraordinary, the master directly to find a large pearl cotton, the whole wrapped around the cabinet, and then according to the shape of the glass cabinet, cutting cardboard all-round package, because the glass showcase belongs to fragile products, good soft package at the same time, the follow-up will be in the warehouse to play the crate, to protect the items of safe transport.
Round small coffee table, Ms. Jiang's favourite, do not look at it small, packing but there is something inside, the first PE plastic film, wrapped in a full range of several circles, moisture-proof and anti-knock, coupled with pearl cotton and cardboard soft package reinforcement, Ironclad can be safely sent to Portugal.
After all the furniture and household goods are packed, they will be transported to Xipu warehouse first, and then loaded into the container at the port, and finally sent to home, door-to-door one-stop moving, which is so worry-free.