Service route: Suzhou to Singapore;
Service Mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms Jiang entrusted Hippo International to ship her furniture from her home in Suzhou to Singapore by sea.

Singapore is the world's largest port and an important international financial centre. As one of the four little dragons of Asia, Singapore is still a Chinese-dominated country, no matter living habits or way of thinking are similar to China, very good to integrate into the local life.

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Ms Jiang, who lives in Suzhou, has a daughter who is about to enter junior high school. For the sake of her daughter's education and to save her child from the internal scrolls of the college entrance exams in China, Ms Jiang is ready to move her family to Singapore.
When Ms Jiang and her friend were chatting, the friend mentioned to him that he had used Hippo a few years ago when he moved abroad, and he thought it was a good idea to let Ms Jiang go for a consultation. After comparing the price, service and professionalism, Ms Kang finally chose Hippo International Moving.


In order to accurately get the volume of Ms Jiang's belongings, Hippo's supervisor went to Ms Jiang's home to do an assessment of the volume of items, and to see what items could not be transported, and what items needed customised wooden boxes. Hippo's customer service staff made a quotation based on the data and information provided by the supervisor, and a 40-foot container could accommodate all of Ms Jiang's belongings at home.


For the furniture to be transported, the masters packed according to the international moving standards, using high-quality packing materials for multi-layer packing: the first layer is made of pearl cotton for anti-scratch treatment, the second layer is wrapped with PE plastic to isolate water vapour, and the third layer is made of five-layer-thick rigid cardboard as the outermost layer of protection!
In addition, for fragile items, Hipo will suggest Ms Jiang to put on a wooden box that meets international transport standards to ensure the safety of the items. Below is the scene of picking up and packing on the same day:





Next are some suggestions for making trade-offs of items when moving cross-country:

(1) The first thing to consider is the value of the item as well as the sentimental value
(2) Whether the items are of Chinese origin or not
(3) Whether they are essential for the foreign country
(4) Whether it is of commemorative significance