Service route: Chengdu to Birmingham;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Lu entrusted Hippo International to ship her furniture items from her home in Chengdu to Birmingham, UK by sea.

Birmingham is one of the UK's largest cities, with modern and busy streets. It is also a modern student city, attracting around 80,000 students from all over the world. As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is not only a center of business and culture, but also a destination for many students. Here, students have access to world-class educational resources while enjoying a relatively reasonable cost of living.


Ms. Lu, who lives in Chengdu, had the highest GPA during her college years and applied for a study abroad offer early, but most of the rented rooms in the UK are unfurnished, so she wanted to save money and didn't want to challenge the opening of a bed. After listening to the recommendation of her Chinese schoolmates, Ms. Lu chose Hipu International Moving and decided to have her bedroom and study room's necessary furniture items shipped to Birmingham, a "curve to save the country".

If you want to have a smooth start to your study abroad life, it is essential to ensure the safety of your shipping items. Professional packaging for international transportation must be arranged! Hippo has 9 years of experience in this area and has received favorable comments from many overseas students! After signing the moving contract, Ms. Lu made an appointment for door-to-door packing service. On the day of the scene, the staff chose different packaging materials and packing methods according to the type, value, volume, weight and other factors of the furniture items, from small books and ornaments to large wooden furniture, each with its own set of exclusive professional packing process. The following is the packing scene of the day:






International moving because of the long time, long distance, plus the need for a variety of intermediate handling, so a full range of items for the packaging is particularly important, especially home appliances, furniture, fragile goods, etc., then what are the requirements for the packaging of items in the international moving?

1.the goods should be strong, intact packaging, in the process of transportation can effectively prevent rupture of packaging, leakage of contents, loss, etc.; can prevent damage or deterioration of the goods caused by yardage, friction, shock or due to changes in air pressure, air temperature; can prevent harm to the operator or contamination of the aircraft, shipping containers, ground equipment and other items.

2.the packaging of goods in addition to the nature of the goods can be suitable for the state and weight, but also to facilitate the handling, loading and unloading and yardage; packaging the outer surface can not be prominent nails, hooks, thorns, etc., in addition to packaging to be clean, dry, no odor and grease.

3.the packaging within the padding materials (such as paper shreds) can not leak, in addition, the consignment should be used to bundle packaging tape. Note that it is strictly prohibited to use straw bag packaging or straw rope bundling of goods.

4.bundling of goods used in packaging tape should be able to withstand the full weight of the goods, and to ensure that the goods do not break when lifting.

5.carton packaging, should be able to withstand the same type of packaging goods yard 3 meters or 4 layers of the total weight.

6.wooden box packaging, its thickness and structure should be suitable for the safe transportation of goods; wooden box containing valuables, precision instruments, fragile items, there shall be no corrosion, insects, cracks and other defects.

7.ordinary pallet load-bearing best not more than 1 ton, suitable for loading rules of cartons or small pieces of bulk cargo.

Xipu International reminds you: in order to the safety of the goods and the choice of wooden crates and pallet packaging, the size of the goods will increase accordingly, and the measurement of the shipping company and the charges are for the volume of the packaged, but also please note.