Service route: Xiamen to Seoul;
Service mode: door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms Deng entrusted Hippo International to transport her furniture from her home in Xiamen to Seoul, South Korea by sea.

Located in the Han River Valley in the north-west of Korea, Seoul is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Although Seoul occupies only 0.6 per cent of Korea's area, it accounts for 21 per cent of the country's GDP. Seoul is a highly digitalised city, ranking first in the world in terms of internet speed and digital opportunity index. Seoul is home to places of interest such as Gwanak Mountain, Triangle Mountain, Inwang Mountain, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace. The city's history and times are shown in the shade of the city, where old palaces and temples are interspersed with modern complexes that rise straight into the sky.


Ms Deng, the only daughter of an elderly woman from Xiamen, has married far away in Seoul, South Korea. Because she is worried about her parents at home, her daughter has been doing the old couple's ideological work to come to Seoul to live with her. Although they were initially very resistant to going to Korea, as they grew older, they began to feel lonely as they watched their friends around them enjoying the happiness of being with their children and grandchildren. Therefore, they decided to go to Seoul to join their daughter and enjoy their family life.

The daughter was very happy to learn of her parents' decision and immediately began to prepare for their immigration. In order to make her parents feel at home in Seoul, Ms Deng planned to ship the furniture they used in Xiamen to Seoul with them. After being introduced by a friend, Ms Deng chose Hippo International Movers.

According to the booked appointment, Hippo's staff came to the old lady's house with professional packing materials and started to pack the transported items. Hipu International uses standardised three-layer packing: the first layer is pearl cotton underlay to prevent scratches; the second layer is rigid corner strips to prevent collisions; the third layer is a cardboard box made from five layers of thickened cardboard, cut to size according to the size of the items, for full protection. After the packing is completed, the items will be sent to Hipo's professional warehouse for operations such as making fumigation-free wooden crates and pallets to ensure that the furniture arrives safely in Seoul. Below are the photos of the pick-up and packing site on the same day:





First, what is Korea deposit immigration?

Korea Deposit Immigration, officially known as Korea Public Welfare Investment Immigration, was launched in May 2013. The project refers to the applicant through the completion of the Ministry of Justice of South Korea specified investment method, the government will issue to the eligible applicants and their families in South Korea F2 residency visa, such as holding F2 visa to maintain the status of more than 5 years, can be converted to South Korea's permanent residency (F5 visa).

Second, Korea deposit immigration 10 advantages

  1. Simple: no language, education, work, source of funds, residency requirements, and can be renewed and change status by landing once a year.

  2. Cheap: minimum deposit of 160w, can bring a spouse and adult children (unmarried), 5 years after the original return.

  3. Fast: average 2-3 months approval, the fastest 1 week to get the identity, can get permanent residence in one step, 5 years to apply for citizenship.

  4. Safe: invest in the public fund designated by the Ministry of Justice of Korea, with government endorsement, deposit records, and return the principal at any time.

  5. Convenient: no need to stamp the entry and exit stamps, holding a card to clear customs, for the big country visa is simple and fast.

  6. Livable: 3-hour immigration circle, free education, medical care in developed countries, pension benefits.

  7. Zero obstacles: take off from South Korea, only 1-2 hours to Beijing, Shanghai, only 3-4 hours to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong. The time difference is 1 hour faster than China, so it is easy to arrive!

  8. Maternity benefits: During the pregnancy stage, pregnant women can receive 500,000 won for each child they carry, and they can undergo various medical checkups at a later stage. After the birth of a newborn, the government will provide the family with 100,000 won of congratulatory gifts and sister-in-law home services by professional caregivers to provide relevant home services.

  9. Pension Benefits: Korea is the second longest living country in the world after Japan, and has a sound pension system; Korean nationals between the ages of 18-60 who have earned an income and have contributed to the National Pension for 10 consecutive years will begin to receive the National Pension every month when they reach the age of 60-65.

  10. Medical Benefits: Foreigners with F2 status can join the National Health Insurance after living in the country for 6 months, and are entitled to free medical checkups and reimbursement of more than 80% for medical treatment, so that the whole family can enjoy the benefits of one person paying the insurance.