Service route: Wenzhou to Dunedin;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr Wang entrusted Xipu International to transport his furniture from Wenzhou to Dunedin, New Zealand by sea.

Dunedin is the fourth largest city in New Zealand, and the largest harbour in the South Island of New Zealand, second only to Christchurch. The architecture of Dunedin is typical of the Scottish style, and it has been described as the ‘Edinburgh of New Zealand’.

1 First picture of Dunedin Source: pxhere.jpg

Wenzhou's Mr Wang because of work reasons expatriate to New Zealand Dunedin work for a few years, ready to be used at home with the furniture home furnishings also brought to Dunedin. Mr Wang wanted to transport the furniture items of the whole house with three rooms and one living room, under the advice of Hipu consultant, Mr Wang chartered a 20 feet container for transport. As the whole container is filled with his own stuffs, he doesn't have to wait for the collection of goods, so the shipping time is also faster.


Mr Wang found Hippo International Moving through a friend's introduction. In order to get the exact volume of Mr Wang's belongings, Hippo arranged an appointment for Mr Wang to have a free door-to-door volume assessment service, so that Mr Wang would be more aware of his belongings, and all the dimensions of the belongings would be registered one by one in the assessment form, and the supervisor would also confirm whether the transported belongings contain sensitive and prohibited items.


On the day of packing, Hipo's staff came to Mr Wang's home and packed all the furniture, then transported Mr Wang's furniture items to Hipo's warehouse in Shanghai, where they were packed in wooden boxes or wooden frames to protect some of the fragile furniture items before they were loaded into containers in Hong Kong for ocean freight. Below is the packing site of Mr Wang's move:





The conditions that need to be met for New Zealand Immigration Tax Free Clearance are as follows:
1、Chinese passport + New Zealand new immigrants within 5 years.
2、Chinese passport + New Zealand work visa for more than 2 years.
3、New Zealand citizens holding a long-term visa for more than 21 months in China and living in China for more than 21 months to return to New Zealand.
4、Items must be old and used, and the person who clears the goods must be in New Zealand when handling the customs clearance.
In addition to this, New Zealand has very strict requirements for items entering and leaving the country. In addition to this, you need to be aware that you cannot bring any untreated solid wood log products, any items made of sensitive plant materials, any animal or plant products. Individuals are not allowed to bring honey, honey products, meat products, spices, seeds, herbs and other items when entering New Zealand, so it is recommended that you should pay more attention when packing.