Service route: Wuhan to Dublin;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Zhou entrusted Hipu International to ship the furniture items from his home in Wuhan to Dublin, Ireland by sea.

Ireland is known as the emerald on the Atlantic Ocean, the capital city of Dublin, is a dark touch of emerald. Dublin is bordered by Dublin Bay on the east coast of the island of Ireland, a quaint, poetic city. Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland, but also a vibrant city full of opportunities, with many multinational technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but also many local technology companies, “European Silicon Valley” so called.

Mr. Zhou from Wuhan is a coder who just got an offer from Google Ireland not long ago. Knowing that the company has a cross-border moving benefit, he was ready to ship his whole house furniture to Dublin, Ireland. In order to ensure the safety of his furniture, Mr. Zhou asked Hippo to handle his cross-country move, choosing a door-to-door one-stop moving service.

As Mr. Zhou attached great importance to the safety of shipping his belongings, Hippo sent a supervisor to his home in advance to assess the volume, and communicated with Mr. Zhou on the relevant packing details to ensure the safe transportation of his belongings. Packing time, Xipu staff will be based on the characteristics of the shape of the items, the use of different packaging methods, but basically, are three layers of packaging, the first time with a cotton paper base, the second layer of pearl cotton wrapped, the third layer of cardboard according to the style of the items cut package, such as some of the large pieces, corners are more fragile places, will also be padded to protect the corners, in addition to a number of fragile class, valuable items, the subsequent In addition, some fragile and valuable items, followed by customized non-fumigation wooden box, so as to achieve the highest protection.







Many people who go to live abroad choose to have their domestic belongings transferred through an international moving company to make life abroad more convenient. Of course, the international moving process is a little more troublesome in comparison, especially for people who don't have any cross-country moving experience and are prone to encounter the following three problems:


Cost is one of the most important concerns for many people. International moving is a big project, so what is the price?

International moving costs are generally composed of fixed and variable costs, fixed costs will be written in the contract, such as packaging costs, transportation costs, shipping costs, customs clearance fees, port fees, port of destination service fees, etc., variable costs are due to a number of uncertainties arising from the cost of the factors, such as the customs inspection caused by the inspection fee demurrage fees, because of the items do not comply with the policy of the country of destination of the customs tariffs, excise duties, and so on. The international moving company will explain to you in advance about the specific costs, and have their own charges, so it is very crucial to consult in advance.

2.time problem

Cross-country moving to foreign countries, most of them adopt the way of sea transportation, which inevitably has a problem that the sea transportation time is longer. Take China shipping to Australia, from Shanghai to Melbourne or Sydney by sea, the sea voyage time is more than 15 days, and if you ship from China to the eastern United States or Europe, the time will be longer.

In addition, there is also the customs clearance time, in general, the domestic customs clearance time is in 7-10 working days, while the foreign customs clearance, the time required by different countries is different, the United States is generally about 5 working days, Australia, New Zealand is generally less than 2 weeks, Europe is generally about a week.

So when you are ready to choose shipping to transport your belongings, do your homework first to see what you can bring and what you can't, and then according to the visa and air ticket schedule, it is recommended to prepare for cross-country moving 2 months in advance, and set aside at least 10 days of packing and organizing time.


International moving cycle is long, long distance, so the security of the items required more. The safety mentioned here mainly includes two points: packing and insurance.

First, packing, generally speaking, international moving companies have professional packing team, use professional packing materials, and strictly in accordance with the international moving standards for packing items, which can effectively reduce the damage of the items.

The second is to buy insurance, which can improve the safety of moving items to a certain extent. Insurance can ensure that one's financial interests will not be damaged, and the compensation received will be more reasonable after crossing the threshold of limit compensation.