Service route: Shanghai to Antwerp;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Long entrusted Hipu International to ship the furniture items from her home in Shanghai to Antwerp, Belgium by sea.

Located on the Scheldt in northwestern Belgium, Antwerp is the country's largest port and an important industrial city. With its well-preserved medieval architecture and avant-garde fashion legends, Antwerp is a place full of stories. Antwerp's "Chinatown" is dotted with Chinese stores, and although the streets are narrow, they still allow trams to pass through as public transportation. When you come to this "Chinatown", you can feel the strong Chinese flavor, as if you suddenly travel from Europe back to China, doubly friendly.


Ms. Long, an accountant living in Shanghai, just retired and learned that her daughter-in-law in Belgium was pregnant. After her partner left, she was lonely living alone in China, so she might as well go directly to Europe to retire and help bring up her grandchildren. After the visa and other formalities were completed, she approached Xipu and emptied her home in Shanghai directly.

In the development of the transportation program, Hippo International Moving Consultants suggested Ms. Long to choose the way to transport the whole container by sea. Ms. Long wanted to pack her personal belongings in advance, so Hippo provided free delivery of the boxes and a packing guide to assist with the packing. Furniture, home appliances and fragile handicrafts are the most important items that need to be secured by sea, so it is especially important to pack the items in an all-round way. Therefore, Hipu staff used 3 layers of professional packing materials, including cotton white paper - pearl cotton - cardboard, to pack the items when picking up the goods from the door to ensure that the items are secured by the sea before the trip. The following is the packing site:






In the process of international sea moving, choosing the right container is very important and can save a lot of money. Today Xipu will be based on years of experience in shipping, teach you to container how to load the most money?

1.Assess the volume
New furniture: before placing an order, ask the seller the approximate size of the furniture volume, and then the data and furniture list together to the Xipu international moving business personnel, so that they give you a suitable transportation program and offer.

Old furniture: first estimate how many cartons or suitcases can be loaded with your belongings (28-inch suitcases can be loaded with a few), tell Xipu international staff, so that they have a rough estimate of the number of items you want to transport by sea, and then take pictures and write down the list of items.

2.Common container type
Can be loaded with about 25 cubic meters of items, equivalent to ordinary 3 rooms and 2 halls of residential items.

Can hold 55 cubic meters, probably a whole villa, four or five rooms like this.

Can hold about 65 cubic meters of items, roughly double-story detached villa items.

3.How to avoid the waste of the remaining space in the container?

Try to make full use of the height and width of the container. Reasonable use of corners and gaps. For example, when transporting some big furniture, you can stuff some small items, such as carpets, curtains, etc. into the drawers of big furniture or other empty seams.