Service route: Beijing to Chicago;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Miss Xu entrusted Hippo International to transport her furniture from Beijing to Chicago.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, is located in the centre of the North American continent, the ‘heart of the United States’. It is a world-famous financial centre, futures centre, commodities trading centre, commodities trading centre, and is rated as the most balanced economy in the United States. Chicago has many world-famous skyscrapers, so it is known as the ‘home of the skyscraper’. Chicago also has a rich history of development and charm of the city, in recent years, Chicago's sustained economic development, strong educational atmosphere, the climate of migration, so that more and more Chinese began to immigrate and settle in Chicago.

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Beijing's Miss Xu in college as an exchange student went to the United States to study in Chicago, since then deeply in love with the city, this is not the domestic diploma just got, chose to go to the Chicago side of the university to continue to study.
Not long ago just got the Chicago side of the study offer, in the United States also rented a good house in advance, but most of the rented house is not furnished, Miss Xu heard Chinese schoolmates said, from the domestic shipping furniture than in the United States directly to buy, you can spend a large amount of money less! In order to save money and enjoy the local life better, Miss Xu listened to her sister's advice and shipped furniture directly from China to the United States. After many comparisons, Miss Xu chose Hippo International Moving. After signing the transport contract, Miss Xu made an appointment for door-to-door packing service. The following is the pick-up and packing site on the same day:






Moving U.S. Personal Effects Duty-Free Entry Policy:
(1) The U.S. government provides that new immigrants living abroad may bring into the U.S. duty-free their personal effects that have been owned and used for more than 12 months in the country in which they reside.
(2) U.S. Customs requires brand new items or items used for less than 12 months to be declared on a Personal Baggage Entry Claim Form (Form 3299), after which Customs will assess duty based on the type and value of the item.
(3) Due to anti-terrorism requirements, all items entering the U.S. must be declared to the U.S. Customs Declaration System (AMS) 48 hours before the ship leaves the shore, and ISF 24 hours before the ship leaves the shore, and any delay in declaring the items may incur a fine of up to $5,000.
(4) The consignee is not required to be present in person for the entry of personal belongings into the U.S. However, a copy of the consignee's passport photo page, a copy of the visa, an authorisation letter for customs clearance, a 3299 form, a packing list and a bill of lading must be provided before the goods can be cleared through the U.S. Customs.
(5) Daily necessities such as clothes, kitchenware, cutlery, carpets, books and other personal belongings for your own use can be brought into the country duty free.
(6) Furniture, furniture, electrical appliances, pianos, safes, photographic equipment, etc. can be brought into the U.S. duty-free, but must be for personal use and can not be used commercially in foreign countries and the items used in the country for one year or more.

It is possible to apply for tax-free moving to the United States status:
(1)With the United States nationality, have in China to live and reside for 1 year and above
(2)the United States student visa can handle personal belongings tax-free moving
(3)the United States K1 visa is an immigrant visa belongs to a single entry until the green card down can not leave the United States, can be tax-free moving.
(4)Holding a U.S. green card or a work visa for more than 1 year.
(5)Visit or tourist visa, there are reasonable circumstances can also apply for personal belongings duty-free entry into the United States

The above is for reference only, the specific may change according to the U.S. tax law and immigration law, please contact Hippo International Moving for details.