Service route: Shenzhen to London;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Han entrusted Hippo International to ship her furniture items from her home in Shenzhen to London, England by sea.

London is the largest city and capital of England, offering the most diverse and vibrant city life in the UK. In addition to British culture, London incorporates many other cultures from around the world and is home to many museums and cultural events with a deep-rooted historical heritage. The city also offers an exciting nightlife for those who love city life. One of the disadvantages of living in London, England is that it is expensive, especially when it comes to housing. However, due to this cost, there is a wider job market and higher wages compared to other cities.

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Shenzhen's Ms. Han recently prepared to move the whole family to live in the United Kingdom, before the cross-country move, Ms. Han in advance to do research on the furniture market in the United Kingdom, was ready to the United Kingdom's new home and then re-furniture, but the research found that the United Kingdom prices are more expensive, in London to buy a whole house of furniture is almost three or four times the price of domestic furniture. After some consideration, Ms. Han decided to ship the old domestic furniture to her new home in the United Kingdom, and the old furniture is also used smoothly and at ease.

The following is a list of some of the most popular products and services that are available in the UK.






Because Ms. Han has more furniture items, under the advice of Hipo's professional consultants, Ms. Han chose Hipo's door-to-door one-stop moving service, which has more process links, including: door-to-door packing and picking up - loading containers and trailers - customs clearance - shipping to the UK - customs clearance -Delivery to her new home in the UK - dismantling the packaging and assembling the used furniture - cleaning up the garbage. Ms. Han did not need to worry about the whole process, only need to provide some documents and information in the customs declaration and clearance, the rest will be completed by Xipu to help you, truly a key type of worry-free transportation. Because Ms. Han's transportation items include some fragile goods, pianos and other high-value items, Hippo staff also suggested that Ms. Han purchase international moving insurance to add an extra layer of protection for this moving trip.

When you go abroad to study or emigrate, you always need to carry some personal belongings with you. If your personal belongings are small, you can choose international express or random consignment. If the personal belongings are more, such as containing furniture piano some large items, then this time you can choose to sea freight this way for transportation.

So what are the procedures and precautions for shipping private goods by sea? Xipu summarized a “private goods shipping strategy” to share with you!

First, planning the time of shipping private goods by sea

First of all, you need to plan the time, because the sea transportation of private goods to foreign countries of various formalities and processes are many, although the choice of the moving company is responsible for the whole process, but the customs clearance will require a certain amount of time.

Second, choose a reliable international moving company

1, there are a lot of international moving companies on the market, moving shipping furniture are generally private items, if you want to choose a cheap random, the actual shipment will produce a second or more billing, tariff inspection of various issues they certainly can not deal with over.

2, professional international moving company can not only door to door for one-stop transportation, in line with the status of the relevant tax exemption policy.

3, the preparation of documents for sea transportation of personal belongings.

Third, the domestic declaration of private goods need to prepare the following documents

🔹 Immigration:
Passport, visa, original airplane ticket, packing list.

🔹 Chinese students:
Passport, visa, original enrollment notice and plane ticket, packing list.