Service route: Kunshan to Madrid;
Service mode: door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms Sun entrusted Hipu International to transport her furniture items from her home in Kunshan to Madrid, Spain by sea.

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, as well as the capital of the autonomous community of Madrid, located in the centre of the Spanish territory, with the Manzanares River running through the city. Founded in the 9th century, the city was developed on the site of the Moorish trading post ‘Magritte’; in 1561, King Philip II of Spain moved the capital from Toledo to this city, and due to its special status and rapid development, it became the centre of the Spanish colonial empire in the future, and nowadays it is listed as one of the two foreign cultural windows of Spain, together with Barcelona. Nowadays, together with Barcelona, they are the two main cultural windows of Spain.


After selling their house in Kunshan, Ms Sun's family was ready to move to Madrid, Spain. Ms Sun's family had already purchased a new house in Madrid, but when selecting furniture they found that the prices were rather high, so they thought of shipping furniture by sea. Through a friend's recommendation Ms Sun found Hippo International, and after comparing the prices they decided to ship their luggage from their home in China to their new home in Madrid by sea.

According to the list of items provided by the customer, the total volume of items to be transported by Ms Sun was expected to be about 12m³. After Ms Sun booked an appointment, the packer would come to her home on time to pack the items. After packing the items tightly according to the customer's requirements, the packer would transport the parcels to Hippo's warehouse. Due to the long shipping time and high turnover of the items during the move to Madrid, it was especially important to pack the items in a comprehensive manner, and the packer would reinforce the items in a second time. In order to ensure the safety of transport, Hipo staff will use professional packing materials to pack the goods when picking up the goods, the following is the packing site:






What is non-profit immigration in Spain?

Non-profit immigration to Spain does not require any investment, only proof that you have sufficient funds. Immigrating to Spain ensures a steady source of non-wage income for myself and my family, even if I do not work. The person can apply if he/she can support himself/herself and his/her family in daily expenses while living in Spain. It can be said that this type of immigration is introduced for families or retirees who need to be accompanied by immigrants.

  1. Age requirement.
    Applicants must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of a clean criminal record for a period of time in the past, as specified by the Spanish Consulate or Embassy abroad.

  2. Proof of financial capacity.
    The applicant needs to have sufficient funds to cover his/her own living expenses and those of his/her family members in Spain. Proof of sufficient savings or other passive sources of income is required to prove that he/she can make ends meet without having to engage in paid labour in Spain.

  3. Medical Insurance.
    It is mandatory to have Spanish health insurance that covers you for the entire year to ensure that you have access to the necessary medical care during your stay in Spain.

  4. Proof of residence.
    Proof of accommodation arrangements in Spain, such as a home purchase or rental contract, is required.

  5. Preparation of documents.
    Prepare complete application documents, including personal identification, birth certificates, proof of marital status, proof of bank account, tax certificates, health check reports, etc.