Mr Lee's career abroad is flourishing, in order to solve the problem of living apart from his wife for a long time, Mr Lee decided to persuade his wife from his hometown of Huizhou to Singapore to start a business together, his wife took into account the children's future educational environment, agreed without saying a word, how to transport the domestic furniture to Singapore, has become a headache for Mr Lee's family, after a friend's introduction, Mr Lee found the Xipu International Moving, commissioned We came to help him to complete this moving journey. The professional packers came to Mr Lee's home and packed his daily necessities first. Inside Hippo's customised reinforced cardboard boxes, a layer of moisture-proof bags were put on, and the duvet covers, pillowcases, clothes and other daily necessities were put into the bags and then sealed.

Next is Mr. Li's favourite sofa, the master first thick wrapped with pearl cotton, every edge and corner will be taken care of, wrapped tightly with tape to prevent the pearl cotton loose, and then a full range of sofa according to the shape of the sofa, with rigid cardboard to strengthen the packaging!
Finally, with tape, fixed at each seam, to the wife's favourite dresser, the masters first pearl cotton, the first layer of protection, tightly wrapped with tape to fix the good, rigid corner protector around the edge of the reinforcement, for the first layer of protection!
And then according to the shape of the dresser, cutting cardboard all-round package, followed by a wooden box in the warehouse, to ensure the safe transport of goods. After all the furniture and home furnishings are packed, the master is ready to load the car, first transported to the Heep warehouse and then to the Hong Kong container loading, and finally sent to the home. Mr Lee just need to sit and wait to receive goods in Singapore, door to door one-stop moving, is so worry-free.