Service route: Chengdu to Kobe;
Service Mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms Wu entrusted Hippo International to transport her furniture from Chengdu to Kobe, Japan by sea.

Kobe is known as the ‘first window to the East’, is Japan's international trade port city, second only to Tokyo and Yokohama, the third largest port city. As Kobe is one of the first port cities in Japan to open up to the outside world, it has been largely influenced by Western culture, plus the fact that Japan itself is a representative of Eastern culture, so the city of Kobe presents a blend of Eastern and Western flavour. As the largest city in western Japan, Kobe has become a famous international seaside city where East meets West, thanks to its unique geographical location and its inclusive urban qualities.

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Ms Wu from Chengdu has been working and living in Kobe for a few years now, and when she went to Japan a few years ago, she used Hipo, and has been working in Japan for a number of years. Thinking that her parents in Chengdu are gradually getting older, and that she is not able to be with them more often, she thought of bringing her parents to Japan to live with her.


Kobe is a city with a slow pace of life and four distinct seasons, which is also more suitable for retirement. In order for her parents to have a happy old age, Ms Wu is planning to ship all the furniture items that they have used for most of their lives to Japan. Firstly, her parents have a deep affection for these furniture items, and secondly, it would cost a lot of money to buy them again in Japan, and her parents would not be able to use them well, so it would be better to ship all the furniture items directly to Kobe, which is a one-step solution. Ms Wu recognised our professionalism and service so much that she didn't consider any other company for this cross-country move to Japan, but came to Hippo directly.


Ms Wu transported a lot of furniture this time, some old furniture used by her parents, and she was also going to buy some new furniture in China, the total estimate was more than 20 square metres, because of the large amount of furniture, Hippo suggested Ms Wu to pack a whole container for transport directly.
Regardless of the old and new furniture each has its own set of exclusive professional packaging process, for the old furniture packaging: the use of pearl cotton parcel anti-scratch, furniture corners are easy to bump the place with hard corner guards to strengthen the protection of the outer layer with five layers of cardboard packaging.
For fragile furniture items, such as porcelain, piano, etc. will also be additional custom fumigation-free wooden boxes. Not only can we provide packing service for old furniture, but also for new furniture, which is sent directly to Hippo warehouse for free replacement of international transport packaging. Below is the packing site on the same day:






Eligibility requirements for applying to immigrate to Japan
(1) Residence Requirements: Have lived in Japan continuously for at least 10 years; have worked for at least 5 years; and hold a status of residence for 3 or 5 years at the time of application.
(2) Age Requirement: Applicants must be 20 years of age or older and have the capacity of an adult as defined by Japanese law.
(3) Financial Requirements: Applicants are required to provide sufficient financial proof that they can live and work in Japan and have an annual income of not less than 3 million yen.
(4) Character Requirements: Applicants are required to be of good character, and applicants are not permitted to live in Japan.