Service route: Xi'an to Osaka;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Meng entrusted Hipu International to ship his furniture items from his home in Xi'an to Osaka, Japan by sea.

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. As the center of the Kansai region, it has a unique charm. Osaka has a more traditional flavor than Tokyo, and is consistently ranked in the top three of the most popular Japanese cities for tourists. In addition to the bustle of a modern city, there are also many famous historical monuments and streets full of Japanese style, which are enough to make people come here and forget to come back.


Mr. Meng from Xi'an, due to work needs, recently prepared to move to Osaka, Japan, because this cross-country move to transport a very large number of items and is very important, Mr. Meng on this move extraordinarily attentive, from a few months ago began to prepare for the moving matters, selecting the moving company, after comparing the price of a number of companies, services, professionalism of the business staff, Mr. Meng chose Hipo International Moving as the cross-country move of the Mr. Meng chose Hippo International Moving as the carrier for his cross-country move.

Xipu in understanding Mr. Meng's transport needs and the list of items, estimated that there are about 9-10 ㎡, then recommended Mr. Meng to use our characteristics of the group transportation of LCL, cost-effective shipping, security is guaranteed, Mr. Meng readily agreed. On the day of pickup, Hipo's packing masters went to Mr. Meng's home on time for packing. Before the start of packing, the supervisor first and Mr. Meng briefly communicated to understand some of Mr. Meng's packaging needs, then began to pack up, the following is the day of packing site:






With the gradual rise of Japanese tourism and study in Japan in recent years, many people will choose to move to Japan to start a new life. But if you want to move to Japan, you have to face a choice, how to move from China duty-free customs clearance to Japan?

Japan's duty-free customs clearance conditions:
1.Chinese passport + Japanese long-term visa for more than one year (work visa / resident card)

2.Japanese passport + China long-term visa for more than one year

3.Transportation of items that you have used and within 6 months of going to Japan, items to be cleared at the port of arrival

In addition to your passport and visa, you will be required to pick up a baggage rear arrival form (commonly known as a small yellow card) at a Chinese airport, fill in the information about your belongings and personal data, and have it stamped at the customs desk upon arrival at a Japanese airport. The original Little Yellow Card is required for customs clearance in order to apply for duty-free clearance.