Ms Lei married a New Zealand husband, has been living in Guangzhou, now intends to move back to her husband's hometown Wellington life, the domestic house in Guangzhou will be dealt with. Ms Lei embarked on moving things, Ms Lei in the layout of the new room, found that Wellington's furniture is very expensive, so thought of a good way to transport domestic furniture to Wellington by sea, Ms Lei after a friend's introduction to find the Xipu International, commissioned Xipu to help her, to complete the moving trip, to the appointed time, the masters with packing materials on the door.
The first packing is the chair, the master will first chair surface relative placement, separated by bubble wrap, effective space-saving at the same time, but also to avoid the chair in the transport of shaking caused by scratching, and then thick wrapped with pearl cotton, wrapped tightly with tape to prevent the pearl cotton loose, and then according to the shape of the chair, tailored to the shape of the chair, with rigid cardboard tailor-made coat.
Next packages of paintings, masters with pearl cotton for thick wrap, according to the size of the painting, the cardboard cutting, in the gap with tape fixed many times.
Finally is a flower rack, the master first pearl cotton winding, the two flower racks separated to prevent scratching, and then all-round thick wrap, not only waterproof and moisture, but also play a role in cushioning shock absorption. Finally cut out the shape of the right size with cardboard, double reinforcement, proper.
After all the furniture was packed, the master loaded the car, Ms Lei just need to sit in Wellington, waiting for the receipt of goods can be, door to door one-stop moving, is so worry-free.