Service route: Xiamen to Hamilton;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr Zhang entrusted Neptune Movers to ship his furniture items from his home in Xiamen to Hamilton, Canada by sea.

Hamilton is a port city in southern Canada and the ninth largest city in Canada. The city's main industries are heavy industry and steel, and in recent years, it has also been vigorously developing its medical and service industries. This diverse city of industrial vigour and natural beauty not only has a rich cultural and historical heritage, but is also known as the "City of Waterfalls" because of its unique geography, with countless waterfalls spread around.

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Xiamen's Mr Zhang to immigrate to Canada to settle in Hamilton, Canada, has purchased a good property in Canada, the only thing missing is the furniture, in order to the new room of the soft furnishings, Mr Zhang shopped all over Canada's furniture city, either not to see, to see on the ridiculously expensive. So Mr Zhang thought of the domestic home of the old furniture shipping to Canada, so that you can save a budget to buy new furniture, old furniture also do not have to idle in the country, two birds with one stone.


Mr Zhang found Hippo International Moving through a friend's recommendation, and entrusted Hippo to pack and ship all the commonly used domestic furniture items to Canada. Mr Zhang chose Hippo's door-to-door moving service, so the packing, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking of the furniture were all done by Hippo, but due to the special nature of the Canadian customs, the customs clearance had to be done by Mr Zhang himself.


On the day of packing, Xipu's workers came to Mr Zhang's house with enough packing materials to carry out multi-layer fine packaging for the furniture, cotton white paper anti-scratch + middle layer of bubble wrap/pearl cotton anti-shock + outer layer of cardboard reinforcement. Removable large pieces of furniture will also be disassembled and then packaged to try to save volume, the whole process is very careful. The following is the same day pickup packing site:







I. Policies for Moving to Canada and Entering Canada Duty Free

(1) New immigrants within five years can apply for tax exemption when moving used furniture and household goods from China to Canada for the first time. The clearance person needs to submit a B4E form at the airport after entering Canada, indicating that there are furniture items to be shipped over behind, and the airport customs will stamp the B4E form and give a B15 return.
(2) After the goods actually arrive at the port, the customs clearance person needs to go to the customs to answer some questions from the customs teacher, and briefly clarify why he/she wants to transport the goods to Canada, after which the customs will do the duty-free approval.
(3) In addition to new immigrants within five years, if you are a Canadian passport, have a long-term visa in China and live for more than one year, or you hold a Canadian work visa, moving used furniture items can also apply for tax exemption.

**Documents to apply for tax exemption when you move to Canada

1、Original Documents
(1) Chinese passport + Canadian maple leaf card
(2) Chinese passport + Canadian long-term visa (such as work visa)
2、Packing list in English
Fill out TrustMover's special packing list in English or French, write down the name of each item clearly and note the time of use.
3、Ocean bill of lading
Shipping bill of lading is a proof of delivery.
4、Canada B4 form
Simply put, it's a list of backpacking baggage.

**PS: Please consult us for the latest policy! **Please note that the following is a list of items to be carried.

**Third, carry items of note **

1、 valuable items: such as jewellery, jade, or other high-value items cultural relics antiques: such as ceramics, jade and so on. Items belonging to the national historical and cultural heritage can not be carried.
2、Canada for the protection of forestry resources, the prevention of plant pests and diseases is quite important. It is strictly stipulated that all wood products entering the country must be fumigated.
3、Canada's voltage is 110V, you must pay attention when you want to bring electrical appliances; tableware, plastic products, bedding can bring more, such items will not take up a lot of space, but the cost of purchasing in Canada is higher.