Service route: Shanghai to San Francisco;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Li entrusted Hippo International to ship her furniture items from her home in Shanghai to San Francisco, USA by sea.

San Francisco, located in California, USA, is a diverse and charming city. It is famous for its steep rolling streets and the Golden Gate Bridge. It has a mild climate and beautiful scenery. With a thriving technology industry, it is home to many well-known technology companies. Meanwhile, its diverse culture, artsy atmosphere and rich cuisine attract tourists from all over the world.

Ms. Li's husband is a coder and has been working in San Francisco, while Ms. Li is living in Shanghai with their children, and the couple has been living apart for a long time. Out of consideration for her children's future and education, Ms. Li and her family discussed and decided to move to the United States directly with her children to reunite with her husband. After a series of immigration procedures, Ms. Li found Xipu, directly to the Shanghai home empty, the whole house furniture shipping the United States.

The items to be transported are many, there are large pieces of furniture, but also small pieces of clothing, books, etc., all together, the total volume of 23 square, because Ms. Lee has a high demand for the safety of the items, so Hippo consultants recommend directly pack a container, so that not only safety, timeliness is also higher. Cross-country sea moving to the United States, a long time, long distance, how to protect the safety of the items transportation has become a key issue. In this regard, Hipo provides professional packing service, multiple materials and multi-level packaging, which can effectively enhance the safety of the transportation of goods.







Cross-country moving is a tedious task, and the biggest worry of many people when moving cross-country is the loss or damage of their belongings, so how to avoid this situation?

First, choose a reliable moving company

First of all, choosing a reliable moving company is the key to avoid damage to your belongings. A professional moving company has rich experience and professional skills, and can provide you with a full range of moving services. When choosing a moving company, you can compare and screen them through internet searches, friends' recommendations or reputation reviews. This will ensure that the moving company you choose has a good reputation and word of mouth, and can provide you with safe and reliable moving services.

Second, do a good job of protecting your belongings in advance

Before moving, it is very important to protect the items that need to be transported, Xipu will disassemble the large pieces of furniture first and then pack them, the parts are complete together and marked in the packing list. In order to ensure that the minimum volume of transportation in the case of the customer's furniture to carry out the safest packaging processing, a variety of parts of the special box storage, on-site supervisors will also do a detailed packing list records. Large fragile items such as mirrors, TVs, etc., in the packing is completed, Xipu will also recommend customers to make non-fumigation wooden boxes to maximize the safety of the items, fragile surface key marking.

Third, fragile items to mark

After the completion of the package, the outside of the package in a prominent position, labeled with fragile goods marking, in the production of the list of items, should also indicate that there are fragile items, and inform the consignee is fragile goods, in the handling of special attention.

Four, purchase insurance

Moving from China to foreign countries, a long time link more road distance, there will be unexpected things happen along the way, in order to prevent the problem, it is recommended to buy insurance, insurance will make your items in the event of an accident more protection. If any items are damaged or lost, you can get some compensation.