Service route: Ningbo to Frankfurt;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Ye entrusted Hippo International to ship his furniture items from her home in Ningbo to Frankfurt, Germany by sea.

When it comes to Germany, Frankfurt am Main is often overshadowed by Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. But in fact, this cosmopolitan city in Hesse plays an important role in Germany. It is the fifth-largest city in Germany and a well-known center of industry, commerce, finance and transportation in Germany and Europe. Here, skyscrapers meet classical architecture. The river Main, which runs through the city, is a blend of history and modernity. Frankfurt is the cradle of art and the engine of economy, mesmerizing the best talents from all over the world.


Mr. Ye is to be expatriated to Germany due to his work. He had rented a house before and wanted to buy some necessary furniture to put in the room. However, when he went to a furniture store, neither the cost-effectiveness nor the customization time could meet his needs! So Mr. Ye listened to his friend's advice and decided to pack some old domestic furniture to be shipped abroad by sea, in addition to sofas, beds, work equipment and other necessities, but also with some small pieces, safe and money-saving.

After signing the carrier contract with Hipu International, Mr. Ye made an appointment for the domestic door-to-door packing service. Because Mr. Ye has high security requirements for his belongings, Hippo consultants suggested Mr. Ye to pack a container directly, which is not only safe, but also more time-sensitive. Cross-border sea moving to Germany, long time, long distance, how to protect the safety of the items transportation has become a key issue. In this regard, Hipo provides professional packing service, multiple materials and multi-level packaging, which can effectively improve the safety of the transportation of goods. The following is the packing scene of the day:






Container full container sea transportation is a common way of shipping out for cross-country moving. Many friends will have questions, in the end, what is the most cost-effective choice of containerized ocean freight? And how is containerized ocean freight billed? Here Hipo gives you an introduction.

Generally speaking, when you need to move a lot of furniture, home appliances and other large items, and the total volume of items more than 25m³, choose the most cost-effective containerized shipping.

For the charging of freight for a full container: one method is to charge according to the actual freight tons; another method, which is also the more common method adopted at present, is to charge the freight according to the type of container by box. Generally speaking, the larger the size, the higher the cost.

The following are some conventional container size specifications:
(1) 20GP
Can hold: about 25 cubic meters of items, equivalent to ordinary 3 rooms and 2 halls of residential items
Outer size: 5.89Mx2.35Mx2.39M
Inner volume: 5.69Mx2.15Mx2.19M

(2) 40GP
Contents: 55 cubic meters, equivalent to a single-family house.
Outer size: 12.09Mx2.35Mx2.39M
Inner volume: 11.89Mx2.15Mx2.19M

(3) 40HQ
Can hold about 65 cubic meters, equivalent to a double-story single-family house.
Outer size: 12.09Mx2.35Mx2.69M
Inner volume: 11.89Mx2.15Mx2.49M

In a word, when deciding whether to choose containerized sea freight and knowing the specific cost, we suggest you consult professional international moving companies, who can give you the suitable transportation plan and accurate quotation according to your specific situation.