Sell two suites in Shenzhen, the whole house furniture shipping Germany, Mr Fan in the German financial sector for many years, and finally be able to get the domestic family to Berlin reunion, can be said to be the bitter sweet are sweet, directly sell two suites in Shenzhen, bought a large house in Berlin, and then look for the Hippo International Moving, package a container, all the old domestic furniture shipping Germany, this is good, the family, the furniture are all in the side, the family and the beautiful life. The family can live in peace and harmony.
Make an appointment to come to the door to pack the time, the master worker with packing materials to pack. Packing fragile small pieces of dishes and pots and pans, the master first with cotton white paper to wrap the dishes, and then winding a circle of bubble wrap, and finally add several layers of cotton white paper, the whole order into the thickened cardboard box, super anti-knock.
With a glass wardrobe, this guy is big and fragile, two masters together, put it into a large pearl cotton, directly wrapped the whole body, and then use the thick cardboard with the shape of the cut, the wardrobe inside and outside of the packaged airtight, the safety factor pull full.
Solid wood storage cabinets, a total of three layers, the same technique, thick pearl cotton wrapped, supplemented by cardboard, all-round protection in place, shipping to Berlin, want a little bump simply impossible. The whole house furniture packing is completed, the master with a trolley, the packaged items securely loaded on the car, it is pulled directly to the warehouse, ready to booking cabin shipping la, to the foreign country also arranged to send to the home, unpacking and arranging, this service is too absolute.