Service route: Wuhan to Palmerston North;
Service mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Miss Fang entrusted Neptune Movers to ship his furniture items from his home in Wuhan to Palmerston North, New Zealand by sea.

Palmerston North is one of the largest provincial cities in New Zealand, the sixth largest city in New Zealand and the second largest inland city in New Zealand. The whole city is known for its beautiful and idyllic scenery, and is a vibrant city known for its strong academic ethos. There is a famous New Zealand university, Massey University, and North Palmerston is also the headquarters of Massey University. For this reason, Palmerston North is also known as the "Student City". North Palmerston is also known as the gateway to the Manawatu-Wanganui region and Hawke's Bay, a city of natural beauty and human history.

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Miss Fang from Wuhan is an executive of a listed company, and is appreciated by her boss for her excellent working ability. No, recently the company decided to transfer her to New Zealand headquarter, and it will be a long-term working arrangement, which is not only a great challenge for Miss Fang in her work, but also a transformation in her life. It means she needs to live in New Zealand. Miss Fang had heard from a friend that it was not easy to buy good quality furniture in New Zealand, and it just so happened that the company had an expatriate benefit, which allowed her to ship her own domestic furniture overseas, with all the expenses reimbursed by the company, which was such a good benefit, so what are you waiting for? Miss Fang had never been in contact with international moving before, so she finally chose Hippo International Moving after many inquiries and comparisons.

After signing the contract, Miss Fang made an appointment for door-to-door packing service. On the day of packing, Hippo's supervisor came to Miss Fang's home in Wuhan with a master worker, carefully checked the furniture after entering the door, checked the list of items to be packed with Miss Fang, and then started the fine packing process, which could let the furniture safely go through the sea transport period. Miss Fang watched the whole packing process of the master and praised our master's packing technology. Below is the pick-up and packing scene on that day:






Advantages of Studying in New Zealand

(1) Cost of Studying in New Zealand
New Zealand has the lowest cost of study among the top five English-speaking popular study countries.

(2) Employment Prospects
Students studying in New Zealand are entitled to two one-year work visa (i.e.: Open Work Visa) opportunities after graduation. During this period, if they find a job related to their field of study and meet the score requirements of the Immigration Bureau, they can apply for permanent residence in New Zealand. New Zealand's immigration policy does not have strict restrictions on the applicant's major, and graduates of any major have the opportunity to obtain immigration approval as long as they find a job after graduation.

(3) Quality of Education
New Zealand inherited the Commonwealth education model of teaching in the teaching emphasises the cultivation of students' independent learning ability, and the comprehensive quality of education has reached the international first-class level.

(4) Safety
New Zealand ranks second among the safest countries in the world and top ten among the happiest countries in the world. New Zealand is the only country among the traditional immigrant countries that does not have immigration supervision.

(5) Life
Easy access to accommodation, food and transport, a relaxed lifestyle and beautiful natural scenery.

(6) Climate
New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, with dry summers and wet, mild winters, and is in the top ten of the world's most livable cities.

Moving to New Zealand can be handled with tax-free status

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