Service route: Shanghai to London;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Wu entrusted Hippo International to transport her furniture items from Shanghai to London, UK by sea.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and an international metropolis with a long history and rich cultural atmosphere. It is not only the center of politics, economy and culture, but also one of the most important financial centers in the world. London has a population of about 8.9 million, while its metropolitan area has a population of over 14 million. The city is situated on the plains of southeastern England, straddling the River Thames, about 88 kilometers from its mouth.

Ms. Wu from Shanghai studied in London when she was young and was impressed by the city's multicultural and artistic atmosphere. After working and living in China for a few years, she realized that this was not the life she wanted, and after leaving the UK, she still couldn't forget about London, and after a lot of thinking, she finally decided to move to the UK.

After completing the relevant moving procedures, she came to Hippo International Moving, ready to move some of her belongings from Shanghai to London by sea. Ms. Wu had been through several cross-country moves before and knew the ups and downs involved. She felt that the items she needed to ship by sea were not worth much, but what was worth much was the life you created, but it was hard for a moving company to appreciate this emotion, so when she chose an international moving company, she valued their moving experience, business professionalism and customer service attitude. It was a great honor for Ms. Wu to have Xipu to carry her ocean freight moving after a great selection process.




On the day of packing site, the staff choose different packing materials and packing methods according to the type, value, volume, weight and other factors of the items, from small pots and pans to large wooden furniture, each with its own set of exclusive packaging process. Ms. Wu has a lot of items to transport, including some furniture, books, electrical appliances, clothing, etc., because of the fear of loss, so in the business consultant's advice, in the warehouse to play the pallet, the boxes are packed together, fragile items are also separate wooden crates, shipping to the U.K., the quality of the security is absolutely over the top.




International sea moving due to the long distance, long sea transportation cycle, through the more links, in the process of transportation may occur in the goods damaged. Even if you have purchased transportation insurance, it does not mean that the shipper or the insured can rest easy. So, what if the goods are damaged during international sea transportation moving?

First, find the period
It is to find the carrier's liability period. In the carrier's liability period, the loss of goods or damage, unless otherwise specified, the carrier shall be liable for compensation. That is to say, the cargo side to prove the fact that the loss of goods and cargo damage occurred in the carrier's liability period, the carrier has to prove the existence of exemption or compensation limits. For example, if the goods are damaged in the hands of Hippo's delivery team, Hippo as the carrier of international moving service should bear the loss.

Second, Finding insurance
If the goods are insured when moving internationally through Hippo, then Hippo's staff will do the following: notify the insurance company so that the goods can be inspected and claims can be processed, and retain the evidence of notification and communication. After the insurer pays the insurance compensation, it obtains the right of subrogation and claims from the third party. Therefore, take out the insurance contract to see the insurance terms, should be compensated, deductible or not, there is a basis.

Third, find the test
The extent of cargo damage, the amount of cargo damage, cargo damage to rely on the cause of inspection. General ship, the insurer appointed their respective inspectors and issue reports. The cargo side, if you think there is a need to appoint inspectors, such as the value of the goods or objections to the test results. Cargo damage disputes to the litigation or arbitration stage, the court will take into account the inspection report to make a decision.

Four, Claims
There may be more than one potentially responsible person for the cargo damage, you can choose to find the carrier according to the transportation contract relationship, or insurance contract relationship to find the insurer, or tort liability relationship to find the tortfeasor claims.

Of course, "prevention is better than cure", rather than dealing with it after the fact, we should do a good job of risk avoidance. Hipo's consultant team has many years of experience in international ocean moving, and before the contract is signed, will be based on the customer's requirements, the actual situation of the customer's belongings on whether to purchase marine insurance for advice and operation. Hipo's packing team has also been trained in professional shipping packing, and will carry out different packing and reinforcing methods according to the type of goods, and strive to ensure that the probability of loss of goods in the process of ocean transportation is minimized to the greatest extent possible.

In the process of international moving, in addition to some portable valuables, there are also some such as large furniture, electrical appliances and other household items, the moving company to move. After arriving at the destination, remember to double-check the list of items when receiving the inventory and check if there are any damaged or missing items, and remember to take photos and file them once you find any problems so that you can negotiate with the moving company.