Service route: Beijing to Melbourne;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Xie entrusted Hippo International to transport her furniture items from Beijing to Melbourne, Australia by sea.

Melbourne is the cultural and industrial center of Australia, the most famous cultural city in the southern hemisphere, and has been rated by The Economist magazine as the "world's most liveable city" for many years. You can easily taste food from all over the world and enjoy the culture and flavor of the world in the streets and alleys. Compared with Sydney, Melbourne is cheaper and more suitable for living, so new immigrants from Asia, Europe, Africa and America are attracted to Melbourne, which makes Melbourne a world-renowned city for immigrants.


Ms. Xie's family from Beijing is about to migrate to Melbourne. Before planning her cross-country move, Ms. Xie had already made a preliminary understanding of the furniture market in Australia. She had originally planned to buy new furniture locally after arriving in Australia, but her research showed that locally in Australia, the cost of buying a whole set of furniture could be three or four times higher than at home. As it was an immigrant moving, it was also unlikely that she would accept second-hand furniture. So after much comparison, Ms. Xie decided to ship her old furniture from China to her new home in Australia by sea, as it was both familiar and reassuring to her.

As Ms. Xie needed to transport a large amount of furniture and belongings, she took the advice of Hippo's professional consultants and chose the door-to-door one-stop moving service offered by Hippo. The service covers a number of aspects, from door-to-door packing and collection to delivery to her new home in Australia, Ms. Xie hardly needs to worry about anything during the entire process. All she needs to do is to provide the necessary documents and information for customs declaration and clearance, and Hippo will take care of the rest of the work, ensuring that the moving process is both simple and hassle-free.Below is the packing site on the day:






Many people who emigrate choose to have their domestic belongings transferred abroad through international movers to make life abroad easier. If you are new to immigrant moving, these 3 issues must be noted!

1.The problem of cost
International moving costs are generally composed of fixed and variable costs, fixed costs will be written in the contract, such as packing fees, transportation costs, shipping costs, customs clearance fees, port fees, port of destination service fees, etc., variable costs are due to a number of uncertainties arising from the costs, such as customs inspection fees caused by inspection fees demurrage charges, due to the items do not comply with the policies of the country of destination of the tariffs, taxes, and so on! The international moving company will explain to you in advance about the specific costs, and have their own charges, so it is very crucial to consult in advance.

2.The problem of time
When you move abroad, you have to use sea transportation, which is inevitably a problem, the sea transportation time is long. China shipping to Australia, from Shanghai or Hong Kong shipping to Melbourne or Sydney, sea voyage time in more than 15 days.

In addition, there is the customs clearance time, in general, the domestic customs clearance time is in 7-10 working days, and foreign customs clearance, the time required by different countries is different, the United States is generally about 5 working days, Australia, New Zealand is generally less than 2 weeks, Europe is generally about a week.

So when you are ready to choose shipping to transport your belongings, do your homework first to see what you can bring and what you can't, and then according to the visa and air ticket schedule, it is recommended to prepare for cross-country moving 2 months in advance, and set aside at least 10 days of packing and organizing time.

3.The problem of safety
International moving cycle is long, long distance, so the security of the items required more. The safety mentioned here mainly includes two points: packing and insurance.

First, packing, generally speaking, international moving companies have professional packing team, use professional packing materials, and strictly in accordance with the international moving standards for packing items, which can effectively reduce the damage of the items.

The second is to buy insurance, which can improve the safety of moving items to a certain extent, and can ensure that their financial interests are not damaged.

Of course, the basis of everything is to choose a regular and reliable moving company and sign an agreement, which is the biggest guarantee for your international moving trip.