Customer Information:Shanghai Ms.Lu
Service time: 2018.7.17
Case Description: Ms. Shanghai Lu moved to Singapore and needed to ship some furniture items.


For Ms. Lu, who has just settled in Singapore, international relocation is a big project and it is very important.

Ms. Lu is a Shanghai native. She has been immigrating to Singapore since the previous years. It took several years to apply for immigration visas to purchase real estate. Now that the house is in hand, it will be a little furniture. Looking at the domestic furniture is relatively new, and re-purchasing is a little troublesome, so I am going to ship the domestic furniture to Singapore.

International moving can not be done by its own strength, so professional moving institutions are essential. Ms. Lu introduced her own online search comparison and finally moved to Xipu International as her own transportation service provider. Because many of the details of the move do not understand, when Ms. Lu was in consultation, the salesman of Xipu International gave detailed answers. Because Ms. Lu is a new immigrant and has lived in China for more than 6 months, she is responsible for duty-free entry of furniture items.

On the day of picking up the goods, the masters used their skilled skills and exquisite techniques to safely and efficiently package the customer's furniture. Every Xipu International staff member takes every task seriously because they know that the customer's reputation is the driving force of Xipu.

("Xipu" refers to "Neptune International Movers" in Chinese)